Welcome to the Doveton group of schools, a unique group of comprehensive schools, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual.



“God is our Refuge”

Everything in Doveton starts and ends with prayer. Our foundations stem from the strong belief we have in God; we take refuge in His amazing grace, faithfulness and sustaining provision.

Our LOGO comprises of the Dove which symbolizes peace, the Fortress stands for protection, the Ship symbolizes the voyage of learning and the commencement of our group – 1855 . Today, the Doveton Group of Schools have completed 165 years in the field of education, DO is the acronym form of Doveton Oakley, The name Doveton was added to Oakley in the year 2001, The Cannon on the logo refers to the quest for righteousness which was initiated by Captain John Doveton - our founder.

About Us

The Doveton Group of Schools is one of the most popular and one of the oldest schools in Chennai; it has six schools in its management.

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  • No: 8 General Collins road,
    Chennai - 600112.
  • +91-8807053004

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