Welcome to the Doveton group of schools, a unique group of comprehensive schools, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual.

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Welcome to the Doveton group of schools, a unique group of comprehensive schools, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual.

At the Doveton group of schools young people’s talents and abilities are nurtured to develop and achieve ambitions. Our aim is that all students should leave the school as highly qualified, confident and articulate young adults.

Through planned activities the Doveton group supports children with an aim to develop a healthy behaviour, help to raise student achievement, help reduce health inequalities and promote social inclusion

The Doveton group takes great pride in the diversity of our student community. We believe that, irrespective of the background, there are many ways to be successful at our schools: we simply strive towards excellence.

Our schools are built on P.R.I.D.E.

  • Personal excellence
  • Respect and friendship
  • Inspiration
  • Decency, decorum and discipline.
  • Equality

These foundations are our verdict of legacy from inception. We aim to surround and strengthen these with an ethos of caring, humanity and belonging. We have a firm belief that the more we stand together, the more long-lasting will be our achievements. It is a verdict we are very proud of but more important is the spirit of the Anglo Indian community which is the hallmark of our group.


The Doveton Group demonstrates a clear commitment to the promotion of diversity and equality with an aim to create a fair and just school community that promotes social inclusion, community, cohesion and equality that respects diversity and which challenges and eradicates all forms of discrimination and inequality. The schools take positive action to promote harmony, promote positive attitudes towards life through the curriculum and special projects throughout the year. There is a continuous focus to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to achieve to the best of their ability regardless of their gender, social background, religion or ability. The group actively promotes the values of tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths, and the rule of law and democracy and commitment to recognising and celebrating diversity as a means of national integrity and development.


The most important goal for our Administrators and Teachers is to focus on Students to ensure that every student at our schools continues to receive an outstanding education.

Each school has an independent curriculum focussing on student growth and meets individual needs. In the interests of the students we equip our staff with ongoing professional development to help in their professional growth.

In our passion for education, the Doveton Group of Schools strives to provide a unique quality experience and education to each student.


  • All students can achieve and grow at high rates.
  • All students are prepared for success.
  • All students have access to unmatched opportunities.
  • All parents will have a positive user experience with our schools.
  • The Board of Management demonstrates effective stewardship with all resources.


Sport and physical activity at our schools form an important part of life in our schools. Through sport, the students and staff forge enduring relationships which have a significant bearing upon the ethos at the school.

It is our intention that each and every child should leave Doveton having found personal enjoyment and satisfaction through sport and physical activity. There exists a very broad curriculum to include a variety of sports centred activities.

We are proud to present a state of the art sports facilities which was conceived, designed and managed in house only for the use of our children, the result of which is born a new regime of sports leadership that has been recognised as excellent.


Doveton has a long-standing tradition of music making which is reflected in opportunities outside the classroom.
Our music academy covers from the foundation stage of music to wide range of musical styles and cultures where students are given the opportunity to learn using a number of instruments .The students study a range of musical styles and develop their performance and composition skills. We encourage students to take vocal or instrumental lessons within the school. We are able to accommodate all choices of instrument and lessons are taught by highly qualified peripatetic music teachers. The music academy puts on a concert showcasing the talent of our many soloists and ensembles and these are well attended by friends and family.

Every child is equipped, prepared and empowered to face challenge and competition with confidence and ease. Whether you are reading this as a prospective parent, student, administrator, member of staff, or are simply taking an interest from afar, we hope that this website gives you a flavour of what makes the Doveton group very special.

Floreat Dovetonia –may Doveton continue to prosper, flourish and grow.

God bless you!

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The Doveton Group of Schools is one of the most popular and one of the oldest schools in Chennai; it has six schools in its management.

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