Welcome to the Doveton group of schools, a unique group of comprehensive schools, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual.

Academics Delivered with a Promise


‘Education is the Kindling of a flame, not the filling of a Vessel’ - Socrates

Every Child has a different learning style and pace each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding – Robert John Meehan. We believe that if a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn, Children must be taught HOW TO THINK not WHAT TO THINK, each child is uniquely created and requires unique guidance, The future of the WORLD is in our Classrooms TODAY and our promise is to enable them through our unique academic approach to be Stars without compromise.

We focus on the SIX IMPORTANT Skills to ensure that each student understands all concepts. These skills are interlinked.

Students are encouraged to LISTEN carefully, UNDERSTAND what is taught, and sharpen their THINKING skills to enable them to Read, Write and Speak efficiently.

1. We Encourage Students

Students look to teachers for approval and positive reinforcement, and are more likely to be enthusiastic about learning if they feel their work is recognized and valued. We encourage open communication and free thinking with our students to make them feel important and heard. Be enthusiastic. We recognize their contributions, If our classroom is a friendly place where students feel heard and respected, they will be more eager to learn. A “good job” or “nice work” can go a long way.

2. Get Them in Action

We encourage students and teach them to get them involved in the classroom. We make participating fun by giving each student a job to do. Students are asked to read in class, we make students work in groups and assign each a task or role thereby giving students a sense of ownership which will allow them to feel accomplished and encourage active participation in class.

3. Offer Incentives

Our Teachers set expectations and make reasonable demands to encourage student’s participation; sometimes students need an extra push in the right direction. Offering students small incentives makes learning fun and motivates students to push themselves. Rewards give students a sense of accomplishment and encourage them to work with a goal in mind.

4. Get Creative

We break the monotony by changing around the structure of our classes. Teach through games and discussions instead of lectures, encourage students to debate and enrich the subject matter with visual aids, like colorful charts, diagrams and videos. our physical classroom is never boring: posters, models, student projects and seasonal themes adorn our classroom, and create a warm, stimulating environment.

5. Real Time Connections

“When will I ever need this?” This question, too often heard in the classroom, indicates that a student is not engaged. If a student does not believe that what they’re learning is important, they won’t want to learn, so it’s important to demonstrate how the subject relates to them amaze them by telling them that they may use it in their career. Showing them that a subject is used every day by “real” people gives it new importance. They may never be excited about algebra but if they see how it applies to them, they may be motivated to learn attentively.

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The Doveton Group of Schools is one of the most popular and one of the oldest schools in Chennai; it has six schools in its management.

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