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Captain John Doveton was an Anglo Indian. Doveton is an illustrious name often mentioned in the history of the campaigns of Afghanistan, Mysore and Central India.

John Doveton was neglected by his relatives and grew up as an orphan, while in fact he belonged to an illustrious house. One of his uncles, while making enquiries after his own dead brother Michael (John’s father) found that his brother’s son (John Doveton) was a poor, friendless, orphan at a charity school in Madras.

He succeeded in obtaining for his nephew a commission in the Army of the Nizam of Hyderabad. John’s service dated from 21st March 1817. He rose to be Captain Commandant of the Seventh Regiment of Infantry, a rank next to that of a Brigadier. John Doveton inherited a large fortune. He resigned his commission and went to live in London. He died on 15th October 1853. John Doveton took a great interest in the education of the community and bequeathed £50,000 in his will, for this purpose. This sum was equally divided between the Parental Academy at Calcutta, the name of which was then changed to Doveton College and another founded in Madras, the Doveton Protestant College

Peter Carstairs was the Trustee and sole surviving executor of the Last Will and Testament of John Doveton. Peter Carstairs was based in Madras and was a merchant and an agent. He was Chairman of the first Appointed Trustees of the Madras Protestant College Trust. If it was not for this gentleman who actually carried out the wishes of John Doveton, these Doveton institutions would not have come into existence.

Reputation: The Doveton Group of Schools has been imparting education par excellence since 1855 and is rated among the best schools in Chennai,

‘Once a Dovetonian, always a Dovetonian’

Our school has a rich legacy of over 160 years, we have proven time and again that Doveton is aligned among the Best in the field of Education…Our students have excelled in every walk of life achieving pinnacles of success.

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The Doveton Group of Schools is one of the most popular and one of the oldest schools in Chennai; it has six schools in its management.

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