Welcome to the Doveton group of schools, a unique group of comprehensive schools, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual.

Our philosophy


Our Desire and Aspiration = Their Excellence.

We believe there is no limit to what a student can achieve; being unique and innovative help us get better every day; we believe learning should be tailor fit to meet the need of every child; giving them much to aspire, dream, and aim for, all our efforts are in line with our singular goal Excellence and nothing less.

What we mean for your child?

We encourage students to be ambitious. To pursue after their dreams. To step outside their comfort zones and try something new. We ignite their curiosity.

Being ambitious spurs them on to go the extra mile. To be relentlessly optimistic in their pursuit to gain knowledge. We create opportunities to bring out the best in every child and to teach them to make a significant difference and set bench mark standards.

Ambition and hard work can fuel them for greater. It’s transformational and revolutionary... It’s the spark that can turn impossibility to Infinite possibilities.

We want them to be passionate, determined, committed, confident, creative, innovative, real, resilient and courageous.

Our outstanding teachers inculcate these essentials through tailor fit approaches and strategies for each child. We focus on each student’s individual strength and teach them to overcome their threats and weaknesses. We create challenge in every lesson and every activity so that they continuously grow and learn. We offer unique experiences every single time.

Our school strives to give a wholesome growth and a promising future to every precious life entrusted in our care and to prepare them for nothing less than excellence.

About Us

The Doveton Group of Schools is one of the most popular and one of the oldest schools in Chennai; it has six schools in its management.

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  • No: 8 General Collins road,
    Chennai - 600112.
  • +91-8807053004

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